Our Company

Founded in 2014, Core Hotels, LLC. offers high quality, professional management services to various hotels. It has helped purchase and manage properties that were under-performing and in need of significant renovations. 

With over 21 properties and 1,450 units that Core Hotels, LLC. manages today, all have boasted significantly improved sales and market assessments.

Core Hotels, LLC. maintains an aggressive yet careful growth strategy that has two aims, the purchase of hotels in high potential areas, and the development of hotels when property purchases in a given market are not advantageous. 

Core Hotels, LLC.'s unique, non-traditional management style contributes significantly to its overall success. 

Core Hotels, LLC. hires experienced managers and invests them with the authority and responsibility for day-to-day operations. However, services and expertise that are normally too costly to exist within every hotel are available from the corporate office. These support services include project management, centralized accounting, and information technology. The results -- lower overhead plus timely response to individual needs and rapid decisions for solutions.

Core Hotels, LLC. believes that high-quality properties, first-rate property enhancement and league-leading

service result in market leadership, exceptional customer satisfaction and superior value creation.